Ducting for Sale near Adelaide and South Australia

The principal application of SpeedLock Modular Ducting is any manufacturing industry where fumes, dust or other suspended airborne matter requires extraction without leakage of air or conveyed product, into the immediate atmosphere.

Straight ducting

Modular straight duct, smooth bore with laser welded lock formed seams for minimal pressure loss and leakage.  The speedlock flange at each end allows quick and easy assembly.

Straight ducting available for use in South Australia

Pressed bends

Highly efficient – our bends in standard sizes up to 400mm diameter are smooth, pressed bends for efficient flow, reduced pressure loss, and elimination of blockages. Radius is 1.5 x diameter. The bends are avaliable in 90°, 60°, 45a, 30″, 15′ and 7.5°.

Reducing Cones

Reducing cones allow the reduction in diameter of ducting as you get further away from the fan to allow balanced air velocities.

Available in any combination of starting and finishing diameters.

Duct Entries

Duct entries allow a new run of speedlock modular ducting to branch off vour existing system.

Telescopic Ducting

Our unique telescopic pieces allow quick and easy installation without the need for measuring and cutting on site – simply slide to the length required, and close the lever lock ring for a perfect seal.

Heavy Wall Ducting

The principal application of SpeedLock heavy wall duct is ideal for any manufacturing industry where particularly aggressive or abrasive fumes, dust or other suspended airborne matter must be extracted.

Grain Ducting

The principal application for SpeedLock grain duct is where any suspended airborne matter of an aggressive or abrasive nature must be extracted. It is also highly effective in industries  where the product being moved must be treated gently, or in high volumes.


The principal application of our range of interchangeable fittings allows you to hang your ducting from almost any surface imaginable, be it a roof, entire structure, or wall.

We carry a large range of standard and pre fabricated fittings ready for immediate dispatch. These include:

  • Floor sweeps
  • Jet caps
  • Branch pieces
  • Reducing cones

Standard Lock Ring

A simple, two piece lock ring with two hex nut and bolt closures. Use with optional duct end seals for perfect, long lasting and secure joining of duct.

Lever Lock Ring

The lever lock ring makes for easy installation, and comes with a heavy duty rubber seal. Ideal for sections where frequent disassembly (eg for cleaning or replacement) is required.

Flexible Hose Spigots

Perfect for quick and easy attachment of our flexible ducting to our Speedlock ducting simply place the flexible ducting on the spigot and fix with a worm drive clamp.

Hanging brackets and bracket legs

Hanging brackets allow easy suspension from the factory ceiling, or with optional wall bracket legs allow the ducting system to run up or along a wall securely.


We offer a large range of valves to suit a large variety of applications, these include:

  • Manually operated slide valves
  • Pneumatically operated slide valves
  • Twist valves
  • Throttle valves
  • Rotary valves
    – Bare shaft
    – Direct drive: Flexible coupling
    – Direct drive: Gearbox
    – Belt drive
    – Chain drive