Cyclones are designed to separate heavy and fine materials (dust) from process air streams. These units are shaped like large funnels receiving debris in at the top. Larger particles are forced out by centrifugal action to the bottom and are collected into a container or discharged through an airlock.

The fine particles leave the unit through the centre tube. Depending on the quantity these fine particles are then normally discharged from the system or processed through filter media which includes dust collectors. Cyclones are commonly used in woodwork and fabrication workshops along with a large variety of manufacturing plants.

When purchasing a cyclone, consideration must be given to the volume of debris (dust) in the air stream, the type of machines being serviced by the unit, capture hood size and many other elements. Cyclones are available in an array of sizes. To ensure optimum efficiency from your equipment, Inskip Dust & Fume offers extensive knowledge and expertise in making the right choice with you.

Dust Control Cyclones

  • Separating products
  • Heavy from fine
  • No filters

Cyclonic Dust Collector

Key points:

  • Smaller footprint
  • Smaller air to cloth ratio
  • Good for hay and products prone to clog or pack
  • Separates dust from the heavy particles

For use with:

  • All environments

Vacuum Systems

Inskip have a wide range of vacuum units to choose from and are available to work with customers to provide the best solution to suit any job requirements.

These systems can be mobile or fixed as a main unit, air powered or electrical and able to handle both dry and wet materials.

Inskip Vacuum Systems can be designed to accommodate conductive and anti static materials.

Inskip can provide systems ATEC approved for a range of hazardous areas – such as Hazardous Zones 1 & 2 and Hazardous Dust Zones 21 & 22.

Vacuum systems are suited for use with grinders, hand sanders, metal chips and a large variety of other items.

Check with our friendly staff to find a system suited to your needs.

Key points:

  • Portable or fixed as a main unit
  • Air powered or Electric
  • Dry and wet materials
  • Conductive and anti static materials
  • ATEC approved range for hazard areas
  • Hazard gas zone 1 and 2
  • Hazard dust zone 21 and 22

For use with:

  • Grinders
  • Hand sanders
  • Metal chips